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Cornelius & Toots: Case 02 on the way!

2012-08-22 11:06:01 by CorneliusToots

Hello there!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who enjoyed Case 01 of Cornelius & Toots. We honestly didn't expect that level of feedback when creating the piece and thanks to the response, we began work on Case 02.

Unfortunately, with only one guy animating and designing, these cartoons take time as I'm sure you'll understand. But, I thought I'd update you guys and say that the animation on Case 02 has been completed and we're now on to adding the sound effects and music. I.e. the final stages of production! I'm going to hope that it's done over the next two weeks so we can upload soon after.

Not long to go now, honest!

Simon (Toots)

PS. Here's a screenshot from Case 02 to whet your appetite.

Cornelius & Toots: Case 02 on the way!


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2012-08-22 18:22:12

Definately looking forward to it. You're definately a one man machine with your quality of animation, graphics, and producing them at such a surprising pace.


2012-08-22 22:32:00

Hooray! Very much enjoyed the first one and glad to know the next is in the works ^_^


2012-08-23 08:17:11

Love the show so far, cant wait!


2012-08-23 12:51:38

I'm looking forward to it! it's amazing you're practically doing this all by yourself.


2012-08-23 14:22:37

Can't wait for it to come out..
loved the first one


2012-09-30 20:33:10

First one was fun I have no doubt when this comes out it'll be just as fun to watch. You going to wait until Oct to release it so its in the season? I'll be looking for it.


2012-10-08 09:27:10

it's like a spooky Adventure Time ... Toots is our new fave character :)


2012-10-11 06:31:41

Awesome quality, very funny ideas and very good voice acting. This is one of the best series on NG and generally speaking, a very VERY good series.
Congrats for making it.


2014-01-04 18:11:54

DUDE MAKE SOME MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE this is better than scoobiedo or what ever the dog's name is i can not spell